Monday, February 1. 2021

School was cancelled for Wes. He was happy. Last night, he was not happy because Thomas’ school had already cancelled. Charlie still had school but will have a snow day tomorrow. He’s happy because his new Xbox came in the mail today.

I ran some errands this morning before the snow got going. Gotta get the bread and milk. It’s a nor’easta!

I walked out in the snow for a while. I met a man and his dog on the trail. He remarked on how beautiful it was today. I said it was perfect. And I turned the corner and looked out on the brook. It really was.

When I walk in the woods, the first ten minutes is like getting into the zone. My body remembers and it says Pam, you walk. You just walk. And then something shifts. And I’m back.

This past week or so has been a tough one for me. Whatever you call this — healing, waking up — it just has so many layers. You’re going along and you feel like you hit a stride. Yes, this feels better. I’m finally getting there. And then you see there’s a whole other layer you were blind to. But deep down you know, this is needed. Peeling this one more layer back will help because underneath is more freedom and more peace. But you also know it means more deep inner work. More truth. And sometimes that’s very hard to take.